Change those Old Tiles and Refresh Your Bathroom

All Services is including Masonry, Electric, and Plumbing.

Remodel Pro Construction Woodland Hills help your dream projects come true. We provide A to Z all bathroom remodeling services on a project. Hiring different people for different jobs gives you a headache. The project moves haphazardly without co-ordination.

At Remodel Pro Construction Woodland Hills, you can get all bathroom remodeling services under one roof. Our plumbers, masons, and electricians are all experts in their fields. Our team have been working together for years and knew how to collaborate professionally.

A Dedicated Project Coordinator

Professional Supervision for Successful Project Completion

We believe in leadership. A leader takes the herd and guides it in the same direction. ADU remodeling assigns a project coordinator whose focus is in your project entirely. He manages all your project and supervises our masons, plumbers, and electricians.

The sole purpose of a project coordinator is to manage your project and make sure that you are satisfied with the service quality.

Upgrading to Handicap Bathroom Systems

Easy to use and advance bathroom systems

Unique bathroom systems and installations for handicap needs are available with us. We make your bathrooms super easy to use for any disability. All the installations are designed in a way that independent usage by a disabled person is possible.

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Some of the Remodeling Options

There are several ways for a bathroom remodeling. The most common ones are,


Change the color, style or material of your floors to something new and refreshing.

Wall paint or tiles

Painting your bathroom walls into a new color is the most common way for bathroom remodeling.


Install more cabinets for storage and to keep your toiletries organized.


A new vanity can help you reflect your style.

Shower area

We install bathtubs and shower closures in different designs. Contact us to see your options.


Bathroom towel rods, mirrors, safety bars, etc. may be small items, but they can do a lot in changing the whole look.


A new stylish and water saving toilet seat is a popular trend these days.

Free In-Home Consultation

Call us, and we will come to your house for an in-house consultation. We can guide you better after reviewing the bathroom.

Dial (747)219-0005 for a FREE in-home Consultation.

Convenient payment Methods

We provide natural payment methods to our clients. You can pay us through bank transfer, debit card as well as credit card.

Meet with us to discuss your preferences.

Flawless Installation

Remodel Pro Construction Woodland Hills are all experts in their respective fields. Our bathroom remodeling contractors know how to install their equipment correctly.

We guarantee their quality of service.