Converting a Garage or Utility Room

A majority of homeowners have a garage but do not put any use into the room. Converting the garage or the utility room into a room for use by the whole family can save you more space. When such a time comes, there are various approaches on how to do it. However, before you start the conversion of the garage or the utility room, you will want to first figure out how you are going to use the converted room. In most cases, the converted space becomes the conditioned or unconditioned space.

Conditioned vs unconditioned Space

The conditioned space is the space in your building where the temperature is controlled. This is in order to limit the variation in response to the exterior temperature or the interior differential temperature. This can be achieved through the use of room cooling or heating equipment. This is done to make the room comfortable and habitable.

Converting the unconditioned garage or utility space into a conditioned space has become a popular trend. The aim is to increase the living space of a house. In a typical situation, this can be done to comply with the construction codes that are in force in your area. To begin the process, it is important that you access the specific needs in the space and the potential implications on taxation. Note that conversion of the unconditioned space into a conditioned space has a tax implication into it. Therefore, the homeowner needs to be prepared to comply with the tax assessment demands.
In addition, it is important that the homeowner speaks to the local building and construction department. Consider that the governing bodies do set some requirements and the main reason is keeping the homeowners safe. In addition, they do so to keep the value of each home, as it needs to be.

The Common and the uncommon garage conversions

In most cases, homeowners convert the garage into a living space by replacing the garage door with a fixed wall. Creating this permanent wall comes as a bonus to the family as they get to enjoy additional space. This common conversion can take up to six weeks. This is from the time of seeking the building approvals, starting the framing, installation of the conditioning system, mechanical upgrades through to plumbing. In case you are after the not common ideas, you might want to consider setting up the following in the converted space:

1. An indoor Playroom: – you can use the newly converted space as an ideal space for playing. Your kids can use the space to host their age mates and play the rowdy games in there.

2. Home-based Gym the garage comes with a large space that is ideal for the gym equipment.

3. An indoor gardening project: – install the right grow lights and watering system and set up an indoor garden in your converted space.

4. Home Office or Workplace: the newly converted garage space is also ideal for use as a home office.

The home garage is an ideal space for expanding your living room. A home renovation contractor can help you convert the unused garage space into a room that serves the whole family. This is an ideal plan for a family that is looking to expand the current living space.

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