2018 home remodeling trends

If you are building a new home, remodeling a whole room, or you are interested in making few changes in the design of your entire home, the following are the home remodeling trends in 2018.

Patterns and finishes

The geometric designs initiated many years ago is now common for pillows, carpets, and wallpapers, meanwhile, the more recent brass style is spreading for things like chandeliers, doors and windows frames, finishes in the living room, toilets, and kitchens, pulls for cupboards and drawers etc.

If you are interested in remodeling your kitchen, vintage items or materials that are colorful are now commonly used for kitchens rather than the old style of using stainless steel items for remodeling. In addition, the remodeling trends if 2018 includes the frequent usage of colorful items for patterns and finishes, making kitchens and other places within the house more beautiful.

This is also applicable to granite countertops. Stalwart items like marble have been replaced by granites. Granite materials are now used in place of the marble, the same way vintage materials are used instead of stainless steels.

home remodeling design


Color is one of the famous trends in 2018 according to a statement from Houzz, which is foremost media for household remodeling and design. For many years’ neutral whites and grays, owners are now interested in the lovely, saturated color in all areas starting with kitchen utensils and cupboards to fittings and attractive things. There is a new combination of colors mostly blues and greens is now common, including enclosures, window and entries frames.

Professionals recommend that homeowners are in quest of fashioning a nesting outcome. Universal color consultant, lately suggest that people are presently trying to embrace comfort, and an example for such cases is the way people are choosing color combinations in order to get fostering and affectionate feelings about their home.


In 2018, going natural and living smarter are the major home remodeling objectives, especially with the new trend of people staying in their old houses. This includes the usage of energy saving windows and entrances. Energy saving roofing materials are also part of the new remodeling trends. The old shingles are now replaced by solar reflective shingles which are more effective in radiating heat than the old shingles.


Talking about nature, Greenery was the Color of the Year according to Pantone in 2017. This drift has spread to 2018 home remodeling trends leading to the current trend of adding and integrating plants into homes. Although the indoor plant is a trend that will last for a while, decoration including plants is a huge home remodeling trend in 2018. Furthermore, plants are a simple way to remodel on a budget and it will add more beauty to any space within the house.

People are also introducing nature in the house through the introduction of natural materials and timber products into their home project. Utilitarian structures like lamps and containers for flowers are lovely materials from natural wood. Also, engraved wood bowls present an accepted, simple but powerful component of household items.

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